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Wonkie™ Wiggle Board- Wood Balance Board for Kids

Natural Wood
Happy Rainbow

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We bought this for my son for his 6th birthday and we all love it. He has lots of energy so being inside is a struggle for him. This balance board has helped lots. He stands on it and balances, turns it over for a slide, uses it as a boat to move his other toys around, uses it as a canoe to slide off the couch, rocks in it during TV time. Pretty much it goes everywhere with him. We're homeschooling right now and it's helped him maintain focus while we review material. Basically, we all love it.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐-Brian R.

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Children are happiest when their creativity is stimulated, and they have a way to release extra energy. The majority of indoor toys feed the imagination but fail to give kids a way to release their excess energy. It is natural for young children to want to move and explore but can result in misbehavior if they are not provided a way to do so. Kids who don't get to exercise their major motor skills get restless and sometimes exhibit challenging behavior, which can cause parents and caregivers to feel frustrated.

The Wonkie™ Wiggle Board was created specifically to give children a fun and safe method to move both inside and outside and serve as a multipurpose open-ended toy. The Wonkie™ is a sturdy curved natural wood board that children can rock with, climb on, relax on, or use their imagination to provide endless opportunities. With this special board, kids have the freedom to be active in new and exciting ways any time indoors or outdoors!




✅ Encourages Active Play 
Wonkie™ encourages children to use it for active play such as rocking, climbing, and jumping. This versatile board quickly becomes a favorite toy while also providing more opportunities for fun exercise!

✅ Open Ended Play
Wonkie™ boards are the perfect shape to be utilized as anything a child can imagine. It is the ideal versatile toy that encourages creativity and offers infinite hours of enjoyment because of the many ways to play.

✅ Promotes Balance
Wonkie's™ unique smile shape provides the right amount of instability to actively encourage children to practice balancing. This activity improves balance and aids in the development of children's large motor skills, both of which are crucial for growth. 

✅ Natural Wood
Constructed out of natural wood and coated in eco-friendly lacquer, Wonkie™ has a smooth and beautiful appearance and texture. Made with smooth edges to ensure safety, makes it fun for all ages and environments!

✅ Supports up to 450 lbs
Wonkie™ boards are made from durable high-quality wood and can hold 450 lbs. Children and even adults can interact with, climb up, and rock freely with this built-to-last board.



We understand that children can get restless when stuck indoors and it can be difficult and upsetting to watch children deal with pent-up energy without being able to provide an outlet. On days when it's less than ideal for your child to play outside it can get stressful for both the parent and the child when they lack toys that allow them to move in a safe and fun way.  BMC Public Health estimates 37% of children aged 4 to 11 years do not engage in enough active play required to maintain healthy development.

The Wonkie™ Wiggle Board provides kids a chance to play both inside and outside in entertaining active ways while also improving balance and encouraging imagination and creativity. Kids love discovering new ways to play and utilize their imaginations while also discovering new ways to move their bodies with this multi-purpose, open-ended toy. With the Wonkie™ children can engage in meaningful creative physical play like never before!




Recommended Age: 18 months+
Material: Solid Pressed Wood
Size:93/30/1.8 CM   35/11.8/.66 IN
Surface Type: Best to use on carpet or rugs.
Variants: Natural Wood & Happy Rainbow
*Happy Rainbow has felt lining on bottom

Package Contents

(1) Wonkie Wiggle Board

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