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SmokeSpirit™- Ultimate Cocktail Smoking Kit

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I gave this to my boyfriend as a birthday present. Lighting this wood chips while we were having a candlelight dinner, and with the smoke, the smell of the wood chips permeated the cocktail and it tasted great. Very romantic!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - James
✅ Verified Buyer


There are a plethora of cool and unique cocktails and alcoholic beverages to sample. The issue is that many of these beverages are prohibitively expensive and difficult to replicate at home due to their reliance on specialized techniques and equipment. After experiencing the beauty and romance of a smoked cocktail, it's only natural to want to recreate it at home. Desiring to recreate the experience and flavor of a specialty drink at home frequently results in frustration and failed attempts.

With SmokeSpirit™ is easy to get the taste, aroma, and special experience of a smoky cocktail all from the comfort of home. This one-of-a-kind cocktail smoker combines finely flavored wood chips with a specially designed top that directs smoke downward toward the drink, mixing it with the smokey rich flavor and offering the magic of floating smoke in a glass. With SmokeSpirit™, impress friends and family by easily creating various exquisite smoked cocktails, drinks, and food at home.





✅ Elevate Cocktail Hour 

The process of infusing smoke into drinks with SmokeSpirit™ is mesmerizing to watch, and the end result is truly magical. Friends and family will be amazed and delighted to witness these mystical drinks being created right in front of their eyes.

 ✅ Rich Smoky Flavor

When utilizing SmokeSpirit, the water-soluble smoke molecules created mix with the condensation to create a liquid smoke that blends with the drink or food. This process creates a smoky rich flavor that enhances and compliments most liquor.

✅ Easy to Use

To infuse a cocktail with smoke, simply place flavored wood chips in the smoke hat, light the woodchips with a standard torch, allow the smoke to settle, and enjoy! The SmokeSpirit™ is an easy and convenient way to smoke beverages.

✅ High-Quality Materials

Built using durable beechwood and strong iron mesh material the SmokeSpirit™ is durable and created to last. Enjoy smoked drinks for years to come with this beautiful and lasting cocktail kit.


✅ Great for Food

Not just for beverages, SmokeSpirit™ is ideal for smoking meats, cheeses, dried fruits, coffee, sauces, and even ice cream! Consider elevating various foods with the easy smoker and creating ultimate culinary experiences to share with friends and family!




We understand your desire to recreate the excitement and depth of flavor associated with creating and serving smoked food and beverages. However, recreating these drinks can be costly and require specialized equipment and technique that the majority lack. While purchasing smoke-infused cocktails while out with friends is enjoyable, it is not always convenient or financially viable. According to Mintel Press, 55% of Americans prefer to consume alcohol at home, presumably to save money.

With the SmokeSpirit™ it's quick, easy, and less costly to infuse smoke into a drink or food for a fraction of the cost and in the convenience of doing it at home. With this handy kit, anyone can create a variety of rich and aromatic smoky cocktails, smoked meat, smoked cheese, and desserts. Utilize the romance and enchantment of smoke to impress and enthrall friends and family with new and exciting cocktails, beverages, and food all made with SmokeSpirit™.






Material: Wood+Iron Wire
Plate Diameter: 
Approx. 3.54inch(9cm)
Wood Chips Weight: 80g
Item Type: Cocktail Smoker


Package Contents:

(1) SmokeSpirit™ Smoker Top
(1) Extra Mesh Filter
(4) Different Containers of Flavored Wood Chips

 (1) Scooping Spoon
(1) Cleaning Brush
(1) Torch Lighter (Without Butane)


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