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ScrubBuddy™-Drill Attachment Kit for Cleaning

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"Medical issues prevented me from giving our shower a good cleaning for way too long. My husband and I both spot cleaned it, but certainly not up to our regular standards. I ordered these attachments a while ago and finally decided to tackle the shower. Large scrubbing brush for a first attack; small scrubbing brush for corners and crannies; large buffing pad for really getting the soap scum off the tiles. Those attachments with some cleaning products left my shower sparkling clean again with much less elbow grease. So pleased!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Ada
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While cleaning is rarely pleasurable, it is necessary to maintain a clean and sanitary home. Most people despise cleaning because it consumes valuable time, requires a great deal of energy, and puts strain on the neck and back. Some areas of the home tend to get dirtier and require an extra amount of elbow grease such as bathrooms and kitchens and require a large number of sponges and brushes that, in the end, perform poorly. Scrubbing down areas such as bathrooms and kitchens can feel endless, overwhelming, and draining, to put it mildly.

With the ScrubBuddy™ Drill Attachment Kit, any standard drill can be transformed into a highly effective cleaning machine! Utilize the tough brushes to remove stubborn stains, soap scum, and caked-on dirt, the scouring pads to scrub stainless steel surfaces, or the soft sponges to clean delicate glass; the possibilities are endless! Cleaning tasks that would take hours using conventional methods are completed in half the time with less strain on the neck and back. Cleaning and maintaining a sparkling clean home is effortless with the ScrubBuddy™ Kit!





✅ Uses a Standard Drill & Easy to Assemble

The ScrubBuddy™ Attachment Kit works with any ¼ inch chuck on a standard drill and is easy to assemble. Simply pull back the drill chuck and insert a cleaning brush, tighten the drill chuck, and it's ready to clean!

✅ Better Cleaning Results

Scrub and clean more effectively than traditional methods by utilizing the drill's powerful spin motion with ScrubBuddy™. No more soap scum left along the tub's edge or dirt left on the tile; these brushes can tackle any mess, large or small.


✅ Save Time

Due to the fact that the ScrubBuddy™'s brushes make use of the drill's power, cleaning tasks that would normally take hours can be completed in minutes. It is now possible to achieve a spotless house in less time.

✅ 4 Unique Cleaning Brushes

Because no two messes are alike, the ScrubBuddy™ Kit includes four distinct brushes. Simply switch out brushes to accommodate the type of scrubbing required; there is a brush for every surface type!



✅ 4 Different Scouring Pads

Brushes are not always adequate for removing tough stains and dirt, which is why the ScrubBuddy™ Kit includes four scouring pad attachments. Whether it's cleaning out a pot or removing hard water from glass, there's a scouring pad for every use!

✅ 2 Soft Sponge Pads

The ScrubBuddy™ Kit comes with two soft sponge pads to accommodate jobs that need a softer touch. The soft sponge pads can be used on surfaces that can easily get scratched like glass.



✅ Extension Rod

A 6-inch extension rod is included with the ScrubBuddy™ Kit. Cleaning those difficult-to-reach areas and out-of-the-way crevices with the extension rod requires less effort and strain than traditional scrubbing.






We realize how difficult and frustrating it is to want a clean home yet to lack the time and energy to scour every surface. Every day, you see grime and areas that need to be cleaned, but it's tricky to find the additional hours necessary to thoroughly clean your home. The average person spends over an hour each day cleaning their home; picture what could be accomplished if you had a tool that enabled you to clean more quickly and efficiently!

The ScrubBuddy™ takes an everyday tool and transforms it into the ideal cleaning solution. Utilize one of the numerous drill brush attachments to achieve astonishingly clean surfaces in all areas of the home in less time than ever before. Utilize the extension rod to get in small crevices and never settle for less than spotless surfaces. Maintain a clean home without sacrificing vital time or energy; ScrubBuddy™ is here to help make that happen.







Type: Drill Brush
Usage: Household Cleaning
Material: Nylon
Material: Polyurethane 
Color: Yellow/Black


In the Package:

(1) 3.5 inch Bristle Brush
(1) 2 in Flat brush
(1) 5 in Flat Brush
(1) 4 in Flat Brush
(3) Green Scouring Pads
(3) Red Scouring Pads
(2) White Scouring Pads
(2) Black Scouring Pads
(2) Sponge Pads
(1) Pad Attachment Head
(1) 6 in Extension Rod

 *Drill Not Included


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