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SafeTrim™ Electric Nail Trimmer

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"I was terrified to clip my newborn’s nails, so I purchased this product in hopes for something much easier. It did not disappoint! I’ve used it twice so far, and each time it has put my little boy to sleep; I’m guessing from the light vibrations. It works wonderfully with minimal effort. You literally cannot mess it up; love this product!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Rachel
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Trimming a child's or infant's nails can be a nerve-racking experience. Traditional baby nail clippers assume a baby will hold still throughout usage, but most babies and small children may not, resulting in injuries to the nail or finger. Clipping the skin on a child's nail by accident can make a parent feel terrible, resistant to trimming nails, and make them wonder if there is a more effective and safe way to maintain nails.

The SafeTrim™ Electric Nail Trimmer features a revolutionary design that makes nail trimming safer than ever for newborns, babies, toddlers, and children. The gentle filling method of the SafeTrim™ makes it completely safe for delicate skin, cuticles, and nails while ensuring accurate nail trimming. Trimming a child's or infant's nails can now be done safely, quickly, and without fear.



 How The SafeTrim Electric Nail Trimmer will Make Life Easier:


✅ Safe for All Ages

Nail trimming has never been safer than it is now, thanks to SafeTrim™'s polishing and filing method. The spinning file heads are safe to the touch, making it easier than ever to keep the nails of newborns and children of all ages in perfect shape.

Easy to Operate

Designed to be user-friendly, with only one button to operate and an ergonomic design, the SafeTrim™ makes it possible to trim nails with one hand. This tool is ideal for trimming and cutting the nails of little children and wiggling infants.


✅ Low Noise & Low Vibration

SafeTrim™ runs at a whisper-quiet noise level with minimum vibration when in use. This is ideal for babies and small children who are sensitive to noise and fearful of nail trimming.

✅ Built-In LED Light

The SafeTrim™ features an integrated LED light. Using LED illumination it is simple and convenient for parents to trim their baby's or child's nails while they are soundly sleeping.


✅ Trims & Polishes Nails & Toenails

Unlike traditional clippers, the unique polishing design of the SafeTrim™ files smooth the edges of nails. This eliminates the risk of jagged or rough edges catching on clothing and blankets.



✅ All in One Nail Kit for the Family

SafeTrim™ is a multi-purpose tool that features four speeds and six filling heads. Simply swap out the filing heads and adjust the speed to accommodate children and babies of all ages and sizes.


How to use SafeTrim™

 Step 1: Place 2 AA Batteries in the SafeTrim 

Step 2: Choose a filing head and gently push it down into the SafeTrim head slot.

Step 3: Choose the desired speed and turn the SafeTrim™ on. It's best to start out at a slow speed and increase speed when ready.

Step 4: Make sure fingers are spread and lightly apply SafeTrim to the nail, adjusting the angle as needed.


SafeTrim™ is the New & Safe Way to Trim Nails


We understand that you may have had a negative experience cutting your baby or child's nails. It is not uncommon for babies to wind up with excruciatingly short nails, a hangnail, or nicked skin. Most parents feel awful when this happens and avoid nail maintenance for their children which can affect their health. According to the Centers for Disease Control keeping nails maintained along with frequent hand washing is essential to preventing infections such as pinworms, e. coli, and streptococcus.

The SafeTrim™ removes any risk of injury during nail trimming, making it effortless to maintain a baby or child's nails. SafeTrim™ makes it simple and foolproof with its easy to hold design and one-button operation to safely and quickly trim nails for children and small babies. Unlike traditional nail clippers, a child can move throughout the trimming process and not suffer an injury. It's possible to trim nails quickly and safely for the entire family with SafeTrim™!


What Parents Think of SafeTrim™




Age Range: All Ages
Model Number: 30502
Pattern Type: Solid
Item Type: Clipper & Trimmer
Material: ABS Resin
Color: Light pink / Light blue


In the Package 

(1) SafeTrim Device
(1) Storage Case
(6) Filing Attachments Tools
(1) User Manual 



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