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LitShades™- 7 Color LED Luminous Glasses

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"My best friend is a DJ so I decided to purchase these glasses for him for Christmas. Definitely boosts his aesthetic. He loves them!! They're durable, rechargeable, and havs bold colors that aren't blinding. The strobe setting is quite strong though so I dont recommend setting them that way if your sensitive to harsh lighting. But there are several static colors to choose from so its still worth the buy!"


⭐⭐⭐⭐ -Breanya

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Attending concerts, parties, and special events provide wonderful opportunities to dress up in unique outfits and extravagant costumes. Nonetheless, it can be difficult to find the perfect accessory that would impress and amaze everyone. LED light accessories are great, however, the majority end up looking cheap, breaking apart, or are only good for one-time use only. It can be disheartening to look for the ideal outfit or eye-catching accessory that will provide uniqueness and a wow factor but come up empty.

The LitShades™ Luminous Glasses will make any costume or outfit more impressive and give that wow factor that will dazzle everyone. With a choice of seven vivid colors and four light effects, these glasses are certain to amaze the crowd. These glasses are the ideal, comfortable addition for every special occasion due to their universal fit, long-lasting rechargeable battery, and durable material. With LitShades™, it's possible to stand out from the crowd, look incredible, and be one-of-a-kind!


Eye Catching

LitShades™ differ from other LED glasses in that the light is dispersed across the surfaces of the glasses, giving them a futuristic floating appearance. This effect produced by these glasses is certain to capture attention and inspire wonder.

✅ 7 Vibrant LED Colors

When wearing LitShades™, you can choose from seven brilliant hues. Pick any color that matches the mood, outfit, event, or costume, and feel confident that the look is unique.

✅ 4 Stunning Effect Modes

Not only is it possible to select a color, but LitShades™ also offers four distinct lighting effect settings. With breathing, running, flashing, and combination modes, it is simple to match the ambiance and vibe of any venue.

✅ Rechargeable

LitShades™ are rechargeable through the included USB cable and feature an excellent six-hour battery life. These incredible glasses will deliver dazzling effects and colors for the duration of the event or party without losing charge.

Durable & Comfortable

The LitShades™ are constructed of high-quality acrylic and have padding around the nose and lenses for comfort. Wear these stunning glasses to every concert, party, or event for long periods of time without discomfort.




We understand that you desire to stand out and look fantastic at parties, concerts, and other events. These events, concerts, and parties are hugely exciting, expensive, and planned; thus, the attire should match. Brightly colored and LED-lit accessories fit the criteria; however, most are of poor quality, short-lived, and unoriginal, detracting from the unique experience. Special events should be unique and awe-inspiring, especially considering the typical person spends over $145 each concert, according to the ICSID.

Wearing LitShades™ will add to the excitement of any party, event, or concert. These incredible glasses have an eye-catching appearance, seven gorgeous colors, and four unique light effects. These durable and comfy glasses will continue to impress for hours and draw attention to the wearer. Simply charge these glasses prior to the event, and they can be worn for hours of fun. Wear these amazing glasses to any special occasion and surprise your friends and family with their stunning and futuristic style!





Item: LED Glasses
Charge: USB Cable
Battery Type: 3v Button Cell
Size: Adult
Material: Acrylic 

Please note: Light Mode Settings produce strobing effects which can cause seizures in some individuals.


Package Contents

(1) LitShades LED Glasses
(1) USB Cord


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