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GekoCar™- Transformer Gesture Stunt RC Car

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"I bought two of these after seeing a video of them. I had two birthday parties and two very special boys were very happy with them. Ended up putting it together and had lots of fun with it even my 7yr old daughter loved it!!!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Angel
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Toys arouse curiosity and stimulate the imagination of children of all ages. Unfortunately, most toys fail to engage children sufficiently and end up at the bottom of a toy box. Selecting a high-quality toy that promotes critical learning skills and maintains a child's attention presents a challenge. This can be frustrating for parents who want to buy a toy for their child that they will enjoy, will learn from, and will continue to delight and impress them.

The GekoCar™ captivates children from the moment it is turned on because it is not a typical remote control car; not only can it tackle difficult outdoor terrain, it is controlled with hand movement. With its one-of-a-kind hand gesture remote control, children improve their hand-eye coordination while having a blast with this fun car. Gekocar™ gives boys and girls the gift of complete control, improved dexterity and reaction time, and hours of exciting play!






 Two Ways to Play

Control GekoCar™ with hand gestures using the glove remote or the remote controller. A young child can easily guide the Gekocar™ with one hand, allowing greater control and developing hand-eye coordination in the process.

✅ Drives Flawlessly on Any Terrain

With a single gesture, GekoCar™ transforms into an all-terrain vehicle. Designed to withstand the harshest terrain, children can enjoy playing with it while camping, at the park, or in their own backyard!



✅ Perform Unique Stunts

Capable of 360-degree spins, double-sided rolls, drifting, and four-wheel drive climbing, GekoCar™ never fails to impress. Kids are fascinated and amazed that it can travel anywhere, climb obstacles, and perform awe-inspiring stunts.

✅ Captivating Lights & Sounds

The GekoCar™'s colorful lights and realistic sounds add to the enjoyment. The sound of a revving engine and the flashing of built-in LED lights add to the thrill and make the experience much more entertaining and exciting for children.


✅ Durable & Safe for Outdoor Play

GekoCar™ is built to last with a one-piece solid body that is safe for outdoor use, shockproof, shatterproof, and collision-resistant. This hardy and durable car is ideal for children to perform spectacular stunts and tricks with.

✅ Rechargeable Battery with Long Play Time

A rechargeable battery that provides a one-hour straight playtimefor maximum enjoyment. Batteries are not an issue with GekoCar™; after a quick charge, it is ready to dazzle and impress.





We understand that you have purchased numerous toys in the hope that your child would love them, only to discover that your child grew bored quickly and returned to their tablets or tv. This typically occurs around birthdays or Christmas, when you purchase the latest hot toy and discover that your son or daughter hasn't played with it after a month, causing you frustration. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children spend over six hours per day in front of a screen, which has been shown to have a negative effect on developing brains.

The GekoCar™ is the ideal toy for eliminating boredom, teaching hand-eye coordination, encouraging active play, and providing hours of entertainment. It's the ultimate rugged toy for tackling any terrain while performing stunning feats and tricks. The LED lights and realistic noises bring the car to life in a truly immersive way. With all the ways for kids to engage and play, the GekoCar™ is certain to become a child's favorite toy. Children are given the gift of wonder, exhilaration, improved dexterity, and hours of play when they receive the GekoCar™.





Recommend Age: 3+
Material: Metal. Plastic, Latex
Dimensions: 33x17.5x8.5cm
Features: Remote Control
Charging Voltage: 110-220v
Remote Distance: 50 meters
Control Channels: 4 Channels


Contents Package

(1) GekoCar™
(1) Rechargeable Battery Pack
(1) Remote Controller
(1) Gesture Controller
(1) Operating Instructions
(1) USB Cable 

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