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BusyPup™ Snuffle Mat


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“This mat is just super! I did not even expect that it was so good, bright, neat, and functional. Anti-slip Purl surface is equipped with Velcro, which fixes the mat when folding. Dogs appreciated the purchase, all evening busy searching. True, they could not share, they still have to order)) Thanks!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Sam
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A happy dog is a well-stimulated dog, yet the majority of dogs do not have the opportunity to utilize their natural senses in the manner in which they desire to. Bored or under-stimulated dogs will indulge in destructive chewing, digging, over-eager licking, excessive barking, and frantic pacing, among other undesirable behaviors which can be unpleasant and perplexing to owners. Most owners don't know that often it's the lack of daily mental stimulation that is the cause of the misbehavior.

The BusyPup™ Snuffle Mat encourages pets to seek and sniff for food or treats hidden in different compartments and folds. This type of foraging challenge activates their natural sense of smell and stimulates their minds. Canines benefit from regular mental stimulation because it reduces their stress level and thus makes them happier. Pets enjoy discovering treats concealed within the folds of the BusyPup™, and their owners appreciate their dogs being happier and more relaxed.





Dogs Receive Cerebral Exercise

Improve IQ in an enjoyable manner when using the BusyPup™. The problem-solving that an animal is required to do to find the hidden treats also improves cognitive function.

A Calmer and Happier Pet

The BusyPup™'s playful design encourages dogs to explore and play which meets their cognitive needs. When a dog's cognitive needs are met it reduces their stress levels and boosts their overall happiness.



Better Digestion and Overall Health 

BusyPup™'s unique design can be used to help pets eat more slowly. Utilizing the BusyPup™ during mealtimes encourages dogs to consume food more slowly, which improves digestion and decreases the risk of bloat.

Burns Energy and Assists Dogs in Relaxing

The BusyPup™ consumes the same amount of calories as a one-hour walk. Playing with the BusyPup™ helps to burn off energy when dogs are unable to go outside due to time constraints or inclement weather.


Positive Distraction & Redirection Tool 

Pets love to interact with the BusyPup™ and can do so independently due to the anti-choking features of the polar fleece material. Animals interact with the mat independently making it the perfect positive redirection tool.

Machine Washable 

The BusyPup™ mat is simple and convenient to clean. When the BusyPup™ is soiled simply shake the treats and food out of the folds and toss it in the washer or hand wash gently and air dry.


How to Use

Step 1. Place or hide treats among the folds and pockets of the BusyPup™.

Step 2. Allow the dog to find all the treats in the folds and throughout the mat.

Note: Avoid leaving the mat where the dog is exposed for a long time to prevent loss of interest. During the first couple of uses, owner should be present and help guide the dog's behavior.




We understand how hard it can be when you have a furry friend that exhibits anxious or destructive behaviors. When your pet acts out it really test your patience and leave you wondering how to address these habits because most owners don't know that often it's the lack of daily mental stimulation that is the cause of the anxious misbehavior. A recent study featured in Scientific Reports found that 70% of dogs across all breeds exhibited anxious behaviors.

WIth the BusyPup™ Snuffle Mat meeting, a pet's cognitive stimulation needs is simple and can be accomplished in less time and with less effort than ever before. The BusyPup™ allows dogs to exercise their sense of smell, acquire necessary mental stimulation, develop their IQ and have fun all at the same time. Owners all over the world adore how the use of the BusyPup™ Snuffle Mat reduces anxious behavior, helps pets relax, and become happier overall






 Type: Pet Snuffle Mat
Best for: Dogs and/or Cats
Material: Machine Washable Non-Toxic Felt/Cloth
Toys Type: Chew Toys
Size: Sizes vary based on snuffle mat design. See Size Chart.


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