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BikeSentry™- Anti-Theft Bike & Motorcycle Lock

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"The disc lock is easy to install and works well. For the price, it's a good investment to help protect my motorcycle. The alarm is loud enough to discourage a would-be thief from wanting to hang around too long. I recommend this product."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Oscar
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Motorcycles, bicycles, and scooters are fun and inexpensive ways to get around. However, keeping a bike safe and secure while on the road or parked at home is not always easy. To the dismay and bewilderment of many bike owners, thieves have become more inventive when it comes to stealing two-wheeled vehicles. Traditional bike locks require tethering and still don't provide enough security. Too many motorcyclists and bicyclists have arrived to discover their bikes have been stolen while they were inside, unaware, and powerless to intervene.

Secure motorcycles, bicycles, and scooters anywhere and at any time with BikeSentry™, the disk brake alarm system. BikeSentry™ is an anti-theft device that attaches to the bike’s disc brake and with a simple push of a button locks the wheels and activates a 110-decibel alarm that is triggered by moving the bike alerting anyone nearby and making it immensely more difficult to steal. Enjoy cycling whenever and wherever with a renewed peace of mind and security with BikeSentry™.





✅ Strong Waterproof Body

BikeSentry is more secure than traditional bike locks due to its solid waterproof aluminum alloy body. The solid body eliminates the possibility of this lock being cut and removed and because it's waterproof it can withstand all weather conditions.

✅ 110 Decibel Alarm

When the alarm detects movement, it emits three warning beeps; if the key is not inserted into the lock, BikeSentry emits a continuous shrill noise of 110 decibels for 30 seconds. This enables owners or bystanders to intervene and deters thieves from attempting further.



✅ Locked Wheels

When BikeSentry™ is installed on the disc brakes of motorcycles or bicycles, the wheels become immobile. Locked wheels mean it's more difficult for thieves to simply roll away with a bike or motorcycle.

✅ Bright & Visible

The BikeSentry™ body and cable are brightly colored and visible from a distance. This indicates to thieves that they will have a difficult time stealing it, which discourages them from attempting it and moving on to another unsecured bike.



✅ Tether Free

The innovative design of this bike lock enables it to be used to secure a bicycle or motorcycle without the use of a bike rack, pole, or railing. Park bikes, scooters, or motorcycles anywhere knowing it's safe and secure.

✅ Quick and Easy

Simply mount BikeSentry™ to the disc brake and depress the top button; the lock will emit a single beep to indicate that the bike is secure. The quick and simple locking process is significantly more convenient than using traditional cable locks.



✅ Compatible with Two-Wheeled Vehicles

BikeSentry is compatible with any two-wheel vehicle that has a disc brake rotor with a thickness of up to ¼ inches. This is the ideal alarm system for bikes, scooters, and motorcycles.




We understand that bikes are valuable and are probably one of your preferred modes of transportation; as such, it's natural to want to protect it as much as possible. Motorcycle and bike owners are continually apprehensive about leaving their bikes unattended in parking lots at work or in front of their homes, but they are unaware of how to improve the security of their vehicles. This concern about bike security is justified, as an article published by the Cycling Industry reports that a bike is stolen in the United States every 30 seconds, equating to 2 million stolen bikes per year and this number is set to increase.

BikeSentry™ is here to ensure that stealing bikes and motorcycles is infinitely more difficult, if not impossible for thieves. The bright lock and cable will alert thieves to the bike's armed status, and if that isn't enough to deter them, the shrill alarm and immobilized wheels will convince them to move on to a less difficult target. This durable and waterproof lock is a convenient way to secure bikes both at home and on the road. Enjoy the freedom and excitement of taking motorcycles, bikes, and scooters to new destinations knowing that they will be safe and secure with BikeSentry™.






Item Height: 6.6cm
Item Length: 7.5cm
Material Type: Zinc Alloy
Item Type: Theft Protection
Item Weight: 235kg
Item Width: 3inch
Waterproof: IP65
Language: English


In the Package

(1) BikeSentry Anti-Theft Lock
(1) BikeSentry Cable
(1) Carrying Case
(2) BikeSentry Keys


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